img_1When driving on a hot day, nothing feels better than cold air blowing on your face. But behind that cold air is a complex air conditioning system that, in a nutshell, turns the dirty, hot air outside into clean, cold air inside.

In the event that your air conditioner no longer blows cold air, our technicians can quickly restore your air conditioner back to full working order.

When you bring your vehicle to Sam’s Automotive, our team of ALL ASE Certified Master Technicians will perform a thorough check on your air conditioning system using the latest Factory Testing Equipment to detect leaks and malfunctioning components. We pride ourselves on honesty and quality – we don’t recommend unnecessary work.

You may need a simple change of your a/c filter or a/c recharge. Or you may need more complex climate control or electrical repairs. Whatever the case may be, our technicians will quickly solve the problem at hand.

Dealerships and other independent repair shops make it difficult to schedule same day service. Because we run such an efficient operation, we are able to accommodate same day service in most cases.